United Way statistics show that 36% of Texas seniors have at least one disability. While many conditions are apparent, such as issues that confine older adults to wheelchairs, many disabilities are invisible. Disabled adults can often live at home for years, but thousands transition to assisted living communities that provide essential benefits. Communities are safer, and healthier and offer attractive amenities. Residents also enjoy active social lives that enhance their well-being. 

Disability Categories

Professionals who provide assisted living in League City, TX are trained to work with any disability and help residents live their best lives. Healthcare professionals divide disabilities into physical, intellectual, mental, and sensory impairments. Many older adults suffer from conditions that are not obvious but still impact their quality of life.

The following common challenges can make it difficult for seniors to live at home: 

  • Physical disabilities affect a person’s mobility and physical capacity. 
  • Intellectual disabilities impact seniors’ ability to learn, remember information, and communicate.
  • Sensory disabilities affect senses like sight or hearing. 
  • Mental disabilities alter seniors’ mental states and can change their thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

According to the CDC, disabilities of all types are more prevalent in those 65 and over, with the most common issues being hearing and vision loss, poor cognition, and mobility problems. This group also has the most issues with self-care and living independently.

Help with Daily Living

Even the most independent senior may reach a point where they have difficulty with everyday activities. However, older Americans can enjoy a good quality of life when they get help with ADLs, or activities of daily living. While senior living options like nursing homes can provide a solution for some older adults, assisted living is a better fit for healthy and more independent people.

Assisted living staff members can help residents with basic bathing, dressing, and grooming. They offer medication reminders and ensure seniors can walk safely. Caregivers ensure that residents safely transfer from beds to chairs or wheelchairs to beds. Offering this minimal but critical assistance allows residents to remain independent and secure. 

Caregivers are respectful of seniors and offer assistance with dignity. They tailor each person’s care to their needs. Whether a resident needs a little help getting dressed each day or requires memory care, staff members offer personalized assistance. 

A Healthy Social Life

It is common for older adults to lose people as they age. Children or friends might move away or be lost to death. Unfortunately, this can lead to social isolation, which may be dangerous for seniors. According to the Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation, senior isolation is linked to several health risks.

When older adults become socially isolated, they are at risk for increased blood pressure, falling, immune system failure, progression of dementia, and higher mortality rates. Isolated seniors’ mortality risk increases by 45%. It’s estimated that isolation carries health risks equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes daily. 

Transitioning to a home for seniors offers residents the chance for a healthy social life. Communities provide planned activities and the opportunity for seniors to enjoy their favorite hobbies or interests. Many communities provide social activities, including book clubs, gyms, gardening, and a chapel. 

The Comforts of Home Without the Work

Older adults with disabilities may find it increasingly difficult to keep up with daily household chores, yet they do not want to give up their homey lifestyle. An assisted living community offers the perfect compromise. Residents enjoy a home-like atmosphere without worrying about burdensome upkeep.

Communities are well-maintained by professionals, so residents do not have to worry about lawns or outdoor home care. Rooms or apartments are designed for easy care and generally include housekeeping services. Residents don’t have to worry about driving since they enjoy free transportation.

Seniors also enjoy their meals in cheerful, well-designed dining areas. Nutritious dishes are carefully prepared by professionals who can accommodate special dietary needs. Chefs typically prepare special meals for occasions like holidays.

Safety and Security

Assisted living communities are designed with residents’ safety in mind. Communities include accessibility features to prevent falls. Apartments have features like call buttons, bathroom grab bars, and sprinkler systems. Outdoor areas have ramps, wide sidewalks, and entrances wide enough for safe, easy wheelchair access.

There is always staff on duty, and residents can access help 24/7. Communities also ensure resident safety through staff compliance training and advanced skills. The resident-to-staff ratio ensures high-quality care. Caregiving is responsive and includes monitoring when necessary. 

Orchard Park at Victory Lakes is an assisted living and memory care community in League, Texas. Our friendly staff provides each resident with skilled, personal care. We offer exceptional amenities designed to ensure each resident lives their best life.