Medical studies show that social isolation has damaging effects on the health and well-being of seniors. Individuals who do not socialize do not get companionship and often disconnect from family members. Isolation leads to a higher risk of depression, anxiety, and suicide. Many elderly individuals who do not get out of the home shut down and give up on life completely. Statistics show that seniors who move into communities where there are real opportunities for companionship thrive and live longer lives.  

Increased Rate of Premature Death

Medical findings show that isolated individuals are likely to die sooner than people who socialize and spend more time around others. Isolation is a common event for seniors who have grown fearful about health risks such as COVID-19, and mental illness can play a role in forcing the person to stay away from family and other people.

However, becoming more isolated and spending too much time alone can create detrimental health effects and decrease a person’s longevity. By moving into an assisted living community, the elderly individuals have more chances to make friends and avoid social isolation. 

Earlier Onset of Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Studies show that seniors who develop early-onset dementia or Alzheimer’s disease were also those who withdrew from society and family. While spending time alone can recharge a person and lower stress levels, too much time to themselves can lead to cognitive decline and faster onset of these hereditary diseases. Anyone who has a predisposition to dementia should stay more active and take steps to socialize more.  

Higher Stress Levels for the Individual

The more a person isolates from others, the higher risk of developing agoraphobia. Once the person develops the condition, they’re less likely to leave the home. The results are detrimental for the senior and the family.

Social isolation can lead to more complex issues where the family isn’t aware of these issues and the person could avoid getting items they need such as food from stores. By getting out of the home more often and participating in activities, the healthier the person remains. 

Loneliness Can Lead to Suicide

Seniors who don’t have anyone in their lives to talk to and spend time with become lonely, and depression could emerge. Severe depression could be hidden from loved ones until it is too late. Elderly individuals who live in senior communities could make friends within their age group who have similar life experiences. Unfortunately, people who seem happy are not always satisfied with their lives and could become suicidal without warning. By encouraging older individuals to socialize, families could save their lives.  

Faster Progression of Illnesses 

Cardiovascular disease could progress quickly in people who isolate themselves. The increased stress levels alone can lead to hypertension that increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Social isolation could increase a myriad of health risks and allow detrimental diseases to go unchecked and become mismanaged. Doctors recommend that seniors move to a community that is welcoming and offers more options for socializing and getting the companionship the person needs.  

Terrific Homes for Seniors

Orchard Park At Victory Lakes offers exceptional homes for seniors and presents residents with a wealth of amenities. Throughout the community are great options for socializing and getting more out of retirement years.

The community offers assisted and independent living options for elderly individuals, and on-site restaurants and activity centers present more opportunities to make new friends. Seniors or families who want to learn more about retirement communities and memory care services get started by setting up a tour of the community now. 

Senior living environments could determine how healthy an individual remains and how their living conditions affect their mental health. Studies show that social isolation has a serious impact on the elderly and increases the death rate dramatically. A community where seniors live closer together offers more opportunities to socialize and could provide the individuals with a healthier living environment and lifestyle. 

When reviewing communities for seniors, families seek places that promote a healthier and active lifestyle. Seniors who participate in exercise programs meet new people and could make friends faster. Social gatherings are a common occurrence in the communities and offer a chance to share stories and get to know each other in a casual setting. Many senior-based communities have parties and offer restaurants where seniors can meet up each day and share a meal together. Each of these options can prevent social isolation and keep seniors healthier. By reviewing options at local communities, seniors find a new home that is exceptional and meets their needs.