With dementia, a senior loses cognitive function. The set of brain diseases hinders their ability to think clearly, remember details about their lives, and affects how they reason. The impact of these symptoms stops the person from performing activities of daily life on their own, and the individual may need effective services and assistance. For some seniors, the disease progresses quickly and is devastating. Studies show that seniors who do live in senior living environments extend their longevity and slow down the progression of these brain diseases and disorders. 

The Five Signs of Dementia

The senior’s family may begin to notice that their relative has poor judgment, and their rationale no longer makes sense. The person may have trouble remembering details about their lives and may forget simple facts such as what they ate for breakfast, what year it is, or a child’s birthdate. 

Changes in their mood or personality can present some difficulties for themselves and their family. A person who is highly empathetic could lose interest in the feelings of others and become cold. 

The family may notice that the senior’s actions are repetitive. This is due to forgetfulness, and the person may forget that they completed a task and perform it again without realizing it. Repetition shows profound deficits in memory.

At the beginning stages of the different forms of dementia, the person begins to lose short-term memory and needs memory care services. An assisted living and memory care community can provide these services. 

Difficulty communicating is the fifth sign of dementia, and the person may search for words they know when speaking. They face difficulty reading and writing, and the person may stop talking in the middle of a sentence.  

What Are the Types of Dementia?

  • Alzheimer’s disease is the most prevailing form of dementia. The disease happens because of proteins in the brain that create plaques and change the way the brain functions. As more plaque builds up in the brain’s healthy neurons are damaged. 
  • Vascular dementia is caused by damaged blood vessels that supply the brain with oxygen and blood. The senior could develop damaged vessels from a stroke that has caused brain damage. 
  • Lewy body dementia allows proteins to create balloon-like clumps in the brain. The form of dementia could happen in a person who has existing Alzheimer’s or has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. 
  • Frontotemporal dementia happens because of damage to the frontal or temporal lobe in the brain.  
  • Mixed dementia is a mixture of two forms of dementia. 

Common Concerns for Seniors and Families

A major concern for many families is that their loved one will wander off and become lost. This is a sign of dementia and could lead to dire circumstances. By living in an assisted living or memory care community, residents won’t wander away from the property alone and get lost.

The residents have great opportunities to make new friends who share similar life stories as them. The communities host activities and events for the residents to meet new people and enjoy themselves. Families won’t have to worry about their seniors living in isolation or facing depression or anxiety. 

Many seniors make the choice to downsize and move into a senior living community. The residents have access to caregivers, social activities, housekeeping services, and many other amenities.

An Amazing Home For Seniors 

Orchard Park at Victory Lakes presents seniors with an exceptional private apartment and a wealth of amenities. Residents enjoy living in a community, and the staff provides services such as memory care to keep the seniors living independently as long as possible. Families and seniors who want to learn more about the community can get started by scheduling a private tour now. 

Dementia is a set of devastating brain diseases and disorders that diminish cognitive abilities. The diseases present similar symptoms, but no two forms of the disease are exactly alike. Individuals who have been diagnosed with any form of the disease could move into an assisted living community and get help with activities of daily life.

These communities provide services such as transportation, housekeeping, and meal preparation. Seniors who choose to move into the communities increase their chances of making new and lasting friendships with other seniors close to their age. The community hosts events and activities to help seniors enjoy life more effectively and increase their quality of life. By choosing a senior living community, the seniors could find a great home with brilliant amenities.