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Speaking With Senior Relatives About Finances

Texas residents can choose from a number of senior living and memory care communities to live out their golden years. But, there are places at many different cost levels. That means a person does not need to change their lifestyle just because they are aging. There are senior living communities with luxury-like settings and services [...]

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Senior Therapy Programs Are Key in Assisted Living

Many seniors see cognitive declines as they age. When someone is diagnosed with dementia, cognitive declines may occur rapidly, leading to safety concerns. When entering an assisted living program, therapy is an essential part of the care provided. Exploring the reasons for therapy is vital for people who want to help their senior loved ones adapt [...]

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Navigating the Subject of Assisted Living for a Loved One When Others Disagree

For many people, imagining their parents needing help with everyday life isn't easy. Mom and dad are the ones who take care of us when we're young. They make sure we're clean, healthy, and safe. Along the way, they teach us the skills we need to foster those aspects on our own. As parents age, [...]

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Encouraging Your Senior Relatives With Uplifting Words

Elderly loved ones need encouragement and uplifting words to maintain a positive outlook on life and avoid risks to their well-being. Isolation becomes a problem for seniors after retirement, and encouraging words and expressions are necessary to get some seniors to socialize more, maintain a positive attitude, and stay healthy. Families and friends in senior [...]

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How to Choose Between Assisted Living and Home Care

U.S. Census Bureau statistics show that approximately four million Americans reach their 65th birthday each year. Many of these seniors are still active, enjoy full lives, and plan to remain in their homes for life. But, as they age, many need some help, and millions live alone, so they opt for in-home care or move [...]

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The Elderly are Especially Vulnerable to Scammers

Elderly people are vulnerable and targeted by scam artists. Some seniors have larger nest eggs for retirement after years of saving. Criminals that investigate elderly individuals try to find out how much money the seniors have. Scams are used to gain access to bank accounts, retirement funds, and savings accounts. Once the perpetrators have the [...]

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Watching For Glaucoma Symptoms

As seniors grow older, there are numerous health risks they could face. Vision impairments are common at advanced ages, but a significant change in vision could indicate that the person has glaucoma. With glaucoma, pressure increases in the eye and prevents fluid from draining appropriately. As the pressure builds, the optic nerve becomes damaged. If [...]

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Understanding the Different Kinds of Dementia

With dementia, a senior loses cognitive function. The set of brain diseases hinders their ability to think clearly, remember details about their lives, and affects how they reason. The impact of these symptoms stops the person from performing activities of daily life on their own, and the individual may need effective services and assistance. For [...]

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The Benefits of Community Living for Veterans

Some people may assume that communal living for the elderly and veterans is only a matter of convenience for their families. The truth is that these residential settings have many benefits for the families of veterans and the veterans themselves. A few of the benefits of veterans living in group residential settings can include a [...]

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Isolated Living Can Be Hazardous for Seniors

Medical studies show that social isolation has damaging effects on the health and well-being of seniors. Individuals who do not socialize do not get companionship and often disconnect from family members. Isolation leads to a higher risk of depression, anxiety, and suicide. Many elderly individuals who do not get out of the home shut down [...]

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