Texas offers a variety of senior assisted living communities to its citizens. Assisted living or memory care communities come in all different price ranges. People with the means can choose luxury private-pay communities that offer a long list of amenities including serving meals based on the Mediterranean diet. This diet has proven health benefits including a longer life span and delaying the onset of dementia and other age-related diseases.

Options for Senior Assisted Living Communities

Choosing senior living options is not always what anyone wants, but may be what they need. It is important to choose an assisted living community that will have a getting close to what a person is used to. No one wants their style of living to go down as they get older. A person who is used to luxury settings will still want that quality of life in an assisted living setting. If the money is available, choose a luxury assisted living community such as Orchard Park at Victory Lakes.

The community should offer as much independence as possible for the senior along with needed assistance for living a comfortable life. Their physical needs should be met and they should have plenty of opportunities for socialization. A major part of enjoying life is good food. The Mediterranean diet is good food that is also good for seniors. A major advantage of community living for seniors is not having to cook one’s own meals or clean and maintain a house. The Mediterranean diet allows for seniors’ food likes and dislikes and can be tailored to each resident’s needs.

Why Move to An Assisted Living Community?

When seniors get older and have compromised mobility, health problems, and cognitive decline, living alone in the family home can be dangerous and unhealthy if they do not have adequate help with meal preparation, cleaning, laundry, and self-care. They may become lonely and isolated which is not healthy. Moving into a nice assisted living community often leads to improved health. 

Enjoying senior living in League City, TX at Orchard Park can ensure that a senior has the best living conditions and care possible while maintaining as much independence as possible. They can make new friends and enjoy healthy socialization.

Luxury assisted living homes provide a style of living these seniors might be used to and expect. When they have a say in the unit’s decor, they will feel more in charge and at home. If they are allowed to bring treasured objects with them to this new home, they will feel better. When meals are prepared for them and their living space is maintained and cleaned for them, they are free to enjoy socializing and other activities.

When a person needs memory care, having a living space that feels similar to what they are used to will help them adjust. A Mediterranean diet will help them stay as mentally sharp as possible. There are additional things an assisted living or memory care community can do to help its residents stay mentally strong. These strategies should start during the person’s transition into senior care. They include:

  • The person moving into assisted living should be part of the decision-making and accept their need to move.
  • The person should be given lots of information in advance. This information should help residents know what to expect and help residents settle into their new homes more easily. Daily routine information and a booklet containing rules, lists of activities and amenities, and expectations would be helpful.
  • New residents should be introduced to other residents and given a chance to make new friends.
  • Before a new person moves in, their family should be given a chance to personalize their space with items like photos or pictures for the walls, and familiar decor items, books, or music. Moving into a new space that looks and feels familiar makes it a better experience.
  • The assisted living home staff should be informed about the new resident’s past mental and health history before they arrive.
  • The staff members should work to make a resident feel recognized and be able to keep their identity including favorite hobbies and routines.

Getting to Know About Orchard Park at Victory Lakes

We are the best choice for luxury private-pay senior communities at Victory Lakes, TX. We offer assisted living and memory care services in a respectful way. We are located in League City, TX with beautiful surroundings and a peaceful setting. Our residents are helped to live their best life possible, while having the assistance and care they need. Our level of care changes as a resident’s needs change. We strive to make every resident feel like part of a community or large family. We offer senior care done right.