Many seniors move into assisted living communities because they can no longer live alone safely but want to remain as independent as possible. Those who have never lived in one of these communities may not know what to expect. There are many myths perpetuated about assisted living communities. Debunking the myths ensures everyone knows what to expect from these communities. 

Assisted Living Communities Feel Like Institutions

When seeking therapy for seniors, no one wants to feel like they live in a nursing home or hospital. Assisted living is far from institutionalized. These residential communities are beautiful and welcoming, allowing people to feel at home the moment they enter. There is a family-like environment that is very conducive to peace of mind. 

Assisted Living Is Only For Really Old People

Another misconception about assisted living homes is that they are only for really old people, making the surroundings seem like a nursing home. The ages of people in assisted living range from 55 to 90. Young and vibrant people live in these communities like staying active and healthy. No one here is waiting around to pass.

People Lose Their Independence in Assisted Living

Some people mistakenly believe moving into senior living options like assisted living means they will lose their independence. People living in these communities can remain as independent as they like. Seniors are not limited in what they can do or where they can go. Staff members are available to help with daily chores as needed.

Seniors Must Give Up Their Hobbies in Assisted Living

Some seniors do not want to seek an assisted living community because they mistakenly believe they will have to give up doing those things they love. The opposite is true. Because they no longer have to worry about daily household chores, seniors can live life to the fullest and have more time to devote to their favorite hobbies. These senior communities help seniors enjoy life by keeping them active. 

Assisted Living Is More Expensive Than Living at Home

Some seniors and their families mistakenly believe assisted living options are more expensive than living at home. Many families will find they can save money by moving into one of these communities because there is no cost for household expenses. Seniors and their families should weigh the costs of living in a residential community versus living at home. Compare the two and see which one seems best.

Seniors Will Lose Contact with Friends

Many people mistakenly believe they will lose contact with friends when they move into a memory care community. It is essential seniors realize these communities are very visitor friendly. Seniors can have friends and family over to spend time together whenever they like.

The Food Is Unappetizing

People also worry about these communities offering terrible lunchroom types of foods. Most people do not want bland food choices. Not only are the meal selections in assisted living delicious, but they also cater to the unique nutritional needs of each resident. Chefs craft seasonal meals that are enticing and help seniors stay healthy and strong. 

Seniors Lack Privacy

No one wants to give up their privacy. Seniors must realize they can have as much alone time as they prefer in assisted living. Seniors can feel free to socialize, but they can also take advantage of as much quiet time as they like. 

Seniors Cannot Customize Their Spaces

While there are some changes off limits, such as painting, senior residents are encouraged to decorate their spaces any way they prefer. Although it becomes challenging for some seniors to downsize, many prefer their smaller spaces and enjoy making them their own. 

Discover the Benefits of Assisted Living

Assisted living offers boundless opportunities for seniors to enjoy socializing, hobbies, delicious foods, and fun activities. There is always something exciting going on in these communities, and residents become like one big happy family. 

Those who have erroneously believed the lies above should research more to learn about their options. Entering assisted living is not a death sentence, and people do not lose their independence. Finding the perfect community gives seniors the freedom to enjoy life in every moment for memories that last a lifetime. Now is the time to start researching for the right community. 


At Orchard Park at Victory Lakes, we are committed to providing our senior residents with a safe and nurturing environment. Our staff is available to help our residents 24/7 and help ensure everyone lives life to the fullest. Our beautiful grounds are welcoming to all and make you feel at home.